Whitepaper Stellarium


a.k.a. Veronika
VRNK will be an Artificial Intelligence that will allow to maintain the stability of $Stellarium token, through the interaction between AI and the smart contract for the purchase and sale of tokens, with the goal of mantain a healthy price range of token.
The two wallets that interact with the smart contract will be "The Alliance Reserve" with 2.5MM tokens and the "Stellar Treasury" (which will contain StableCoin).
This Artificial Intelligence will be governed by a mathematical model based on machine learning, fuzzy logic, neural networks and others mathematical models in it functional programming; in such a way that as an initial iteration the parameters that determine the health of the token are defined and measured, while organic market movement exists VRNK does not act, "She" only activates when an initial base point price are reached, later calculate the price range and then heeps monitoring the price to activate for purchase or sale of tokens that can negatively affect its price or liquidity, even if it neccesary "she" can learn the movements of the token $Stellarium to predict prices in the future.
VRNK must modify the variables and premises for purchase and sale of tokens, feedbacking the mathematical model to keep away those "primitive" bots who want to take advantage of the system allowing the sustainability of the project in the long term.
In addition, it must be possible to calculate and change to a new "healthy price band" if the market requires it. All of the above will be executed taking into account the premise of the "Fees" of 6% for purchase and 10% for sale, which in the case of the wallets of interaction with VRNK will be exempt to avoid imbalance with market "primitive" bots and to protect the liquidity of the token and the equity of the holders.
Example V.R.N.K.'s behavior