Whitepaper Stellarium


Fuel is the second most valuable resource in the Stellarium metaverse, it is the one used by all ships for travel at "normal" speeds, the fuel has an estimated duration, the further away your destination is, the more fuel you will need, but be careful the fuel must last you back and forth, lest your ship run out of fuel halfway.
The Prometheus station has a Plasma refinery where you can purchase fuel based on the type / level of your ship and the upgrades you have made to it.
Being able to go to more distant planets depends entirely on your fuel capacity, for example all level 1 ships have a default ability to reach the first planet, you can reach the others by updating your fuel "tank" to increase their capacity.
The fuel is obtained by refining the excess plasma when refining the essence (nothing is wasted), when refining the essence, the process residues are taken to the plasma refinery and are converted into fuel for small ships, it is much cheaper and easier to get that refined essence.