Whitepaper Stellarium


Regions are extraction zones under the control of the Earth Alliance
The regions are zones mapped as extraction zones, they can be entire planets, asteroid fields, clusters of essence cloud, giant meteorites, among others.
The planets in Stellarium are the main (not the only) place for essence extraction. Visiting them grants experience to the player who descends to carry out an exploration, but be careful, you require the necessary equipment to be able to carry out this mission.
All extraction zones have an unfriendly atmosphere, so oxygen tanks are required to be able to breathe, once an essence deposit is found, each player requires a specially designed device and only for essence collection, known as an extractor. This space "vacuum" will allow you to collect and store the essence without wasting a single ounce.
Some regions, such as meteorites and essence clouds, can appear and disappear from the radar, so if you are lucky and one appears in your sector, take advantage and extract what you can more before other explorers arrive.
When a deposit in an area is depleted, this area will become an NFT that will be sold by auction, the owner of that NTF can convert that area into a fuel station, trading area, or competition area with rewards, etc. This will increase the usefulness of Stellar and give dynamism to the economy, bringing new forms of productivity to players.