Whitepaper Stellarium


V.C.T.R. or as many people call it "Victor" is a high-tech Artificial Intelligence designed by Draenuss Industries, which accompanies each explorer on their adventure through space.
During the last years human technology has been stagnant due to the cataclysm, but the last creations of humans were milestones in history, just as Prometheus, the generation of Robots fused with AI, gave "life" to the control androids V.C.T.R.
They are support androids in all situations, from controlling space flight routes, to the configuration and calibration of HSP engines, as they are not organic entities, each V.C.T.R. easily accompanies the explorers on their extraction missions and if they run out of oxygen, V.C.T.R. has the ability to send a distress signal and a rescue team from the Earth Alliance will take you back to the nearest infirmary.