Whitepaper Stellarium


¿What is Stellarium?
Stellarium is a Space Exploration and simulation video game linked with blockchain technology, created to fulfill the insatiable curiosity that has always accompanied human beings in the search for new habitable places, from Polynesian migrations, through expeditions to the new world from the old continent, until the space age where we seek to discover new worlds throughout the universe.
This is how Stellarium was born, a sci-fi video game based on feeding that curiosity, through an ever-expanding metaverse where the player can immerse themselves in the search for new worlds and their most precious resource, The Essence.
The Essence is the main and vital resource of our universe, it is what allows us to move the great space engines for travel at the speed of light.
Stellarium is set in cartoon VFX style and with retro SFX to give an 80's atmosphere paying tribute to great pop culture icons of the 80's and 90's
3D Cartoon design
Demo Flying
Ships Assets preview
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